Cultural Walk

on Iriomote Island

Cultural Walk is a unique tour dedicated to the fascinating culture of Iriomote & Okinawa.

Discover indigenous traditions that survived the stormy winds of history. 

3 hours



0-99 age

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Iriomote Island

There is no other tour like this in all Yaeyama islands.

A rare chance to learn about the mesmerizing cultural side of Okinawa that is much more than the beautiful blue ocean and beach leisure time. A hidden gem of female-led religious practices pulses in the subtropical forests. Your guide is an artist and researcher, Karola, who lives an extraordinary life in an old hut among banana trees, practicing traditional dances and listening to old villagers’ stories. It is an easy-paced stroll for anyone, young or old, single, couple or family. It occurs in two traditional old villages of Iriomote, Sonai & Hoshidate. We will visit a 150-year-old original thatched roof house, shrines, and breathtaking beaches to hear indigenous songs and real-life stories of a fading Ryukyu kingdom heritage.


Whether you’re coming from Ishigaki, or your desired date is unavailable, we’re here to help you.

We are also open to customize the tour to your needs.

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Karola Mech

Karola is a professional artist, who has been researching Yaeyama culture and religion for over 5 years. She photographs and interviews local indigenous people. Her home is Hoshidate village, one of the oldest villages on Iriomote Island. Karola has participated in many religious celebrations, public and private ones. Elderly people from the village teach her about the present and past islanders’ life. Karola will share her unique knowledge about Iriomote customs, religion, rituals, festivals, and history that very few people have. She is a great storyteller and her charming personality will make your time on the island memorable.

Iriomote Island

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